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Issues of electric energy quality were discussed by specialists of Bryanskenergo with representatives of business community of the region


Roundtables with representatives of the business, public and authorities have become a good tradition of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division. These meetings are part of the planned work, which aims at increasing customer loyalty. Such meetings traditionally are of great interest, and the list of issues discussed at them, not limited to energy.

The topic of the last round table "Electric energy quality control and analysis in distribution grids of IDGC of Centre- Bryanskenergo division«attracted the attention of industrial production representatives, because it touches important topics of interest to consumers. It was attended by representatives of ZAO «Smolensk Cellular Communications», OJSC «Rostelecom», OJSC «Megafon», Committee of the state regulation of tariffs of the Bryansk region, «Bryansk Meat Company» LLC, the Department of Energy and Utilities, «Bryansk meat processing plant» LLC.

In the presentation shown to the guests the details were provided of what is termed «electric energy quality», what regulations govern the indicators underlying the definition of power quality parameters determined by what is quality. During the roundtable experts said that the main methods of improving the quality of electric energy are the use of quality management system for electricity: reducing the length and increase of the wire cross-section of OPL-0, 4 kV, the use of self-supporting insulated wires (SIW), installation of voltage boosters, load redistribution.

As it was noted by deputy director of the division for development and sale of services, Evgeniy Drokonov, electric energy is a commodity that must meet certain quality and market requirements, as set in the Federal Law «On Utilities». However, the production of quality products is not just following the rules of the law, but a matter of honor of power engineers, who highly value their reputation and glorious traditions of the industry.

A system of quality control of electric power has been developed in IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division, which regulates the certification of the quality of electricity in the division and the procedure in case of consumers’ claims. Together with the certification authority («Center of Certification of Tula chamber of commerce and industry» LLC) necessary work is performed to obtain certificates of conformity of quality of electric energy. When you receive calls and complaints from consumers on the quality of electric energy claims measurements are performed, the results of which are developing activities to address the causes of deviations.

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