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Yarenergo enhances professionalism of its staff


Maintaining a high level of the staff is a priority for the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo. Currently, the emphasis is on training, which is aimed at improving labour safety and development of professional competence of the employees. For six months 2011 657 employees had their vocational training in the division of IDGC of Centre.

163 people increased their qualification, including 18 managers, 59 specialists and 86 workers. 487 people had short courses on various programs, 7 division’s specialists had long-term courses.

Training was carried out for “Electrician for maintenance and repair of 0.4-10 kV overhead power lines”, “Electrician for repair and installation of cable lines”, “Electrician for substation maintenance”, etc. In addition the division’s employees mastered the specialty “Tree feller ”, “Driver of crane-boring machines” and “Slinger”. Electricians for maintenance of relay protection and automatics equipment of increased their qualification.

On the basis of the State Academy of Industrial Management after N.P. Pastukhov 114 drivers were trained in the course of “Safe driving”. Its goal was to reduce the risk of crashes involving the company’s crew vehicles through the creation of the drivers’ skills of situational thinking and safe behavior on the road.

Together with the Center for Corporate Training and Consulting at Yaroslavl State University, training workshops aimed at improving the management skills of managers were organized. The objectives of the training workshops were to develop the management skills of employees who are in the personnel reserve as head of the ​​electrical district networks (DEN). The training program included not only studies to develop the skills of effective management, but also evaluation of personnel management potential. In September, it is planned to hold similar courses for the current chiefs of the DENs.

The program “Training managers to interact with customers” is aimed at forming effective interaction with consumers. Specialists of the marketing and DEN customer interaction departments, staff of front-offices and customer care centers mastered the skills in active sales, oral arguments, work with objections and conflict management.

“Continuous improvement of professional skills and staff development is a key to reliable power supply in the region and greater understanding between the grid organization and customers of the division” — said the head of the HR department of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division, Marina Sermanova.

The programs have been already made for the second half of 2011 and the plans are being implemented for the apprenticeship training, training of related professions, conducting skill improvement courses for more than 400 employees of the division.

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