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Kursk power men of IDGC of Center improve the reliability of power supply of consumers in the region


One of the major events in preparation for peak loads during the autumn-winter period 2011-2012 is the ROW clearing along the power lines from tree and shrub shoots and extension of overhead transmission lines ROW. For seven months this year IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division cleared off shrubs and trees the territory of 908.5 ha, or 15% above the plan.

As part of the investment program ROW was extended for 0,4-110 kV overhead lines in the area of ​​90.9 hectares or 52% of the planned amount for this year. To perform ROW clearing along power lines the division has special machinery and equipment. All units of the division are equipped with chain saws and brush cutters. In each district there are truck based hydraulic lifts such as AGP-18, which use allows to provide safety of personnel in performance of work, as well as minimize the damage caused to the nature, since in some cases, the tree is not destroyed, but only a part of the tree crown is cut off, which is dangerously close to wires of overhead lines.

The high efficiency is achieved while clearing with the use of a mulching machine, based on the Finnish tractor “VALTRA”. By using this equipment felling residues are ground into chips without harming the environment and without creating any threat of fire. There is no need to utilize the felling residues, which greatly reduces overall labor costs in clearing. The same modern equipment is used by contractors while expanding overhead power lines ROW.

“In adverse weather conditions, falling of branches onto power lines causes power outages — says the Deputy Director for Technical Affairs — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division, Alexander Rudnevsky. — Thus, the timely ROW clearing during operation along with the implementation of the power lines repair plan is a guarantee of uninterrupted and quality power supply to consumers in the region.”

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