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In I half Belgorodenergo constructed more than 113 kilometers of cable lines


With the cable lines (CL) external power supply of individual housing construction sites in the neighborhood East of Belgorod, cultural and entertainment center of the sanatorium "Krasivo" (Borisovsky district), as well as a multi-story apartment house on Pobedy street in Alexeevka is provided. More than 5.5 km of cable was installed to connect a technical maintenance station of "Armservice" LLC in Kalinin street in Belgorod, about 2.3 km of overhead power lines is replaced with cable lines by the removal of the power lines from the residential houses in III International street in the regional center. This year we plan to install CL-35 kV "Tavrovo - East."

"The urban environment dictates its terms to the energy people: the space of the street often does not allow observing the size of ROW for overhead power lines, so the cable line network is used - said chief engineer of the Office of distribution networks, Alexander Starodubtsev. - To organize high-quality electricity supply for consumers, we often have to change part of the 0.4-10 kV overhead lines for cable ones. "

Since last year, specialists of the division use the cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation for construction and reconstruction. Compared with the cable with paper-oil insulation used in the past the cross-linked polyethylene insulation is much safer to use and resistant to corrosion. This cable has low hygroscopicity, higher transmission capacity and high thermal stability with short-circuit current.
For more reliable connection and complete sealing of power cable lines heat shrinkable sleeves on the basis of cross-linked polymer are used for the last several years. According to its insulating qualities, strength, resistance to environmental influences and UV radiation they are more efficient than the previously used lead couplings.

For fault location IDGC of Center - Belgorodenergo division uses a mobile automated electrical laboratory, which can detect damage without high voltage application method.

Be reminded that in the Belgorod region the first cable lines were installed more than 50 years ago. During the years of operation, this technology has established itself as the most suitable for cities and towns with a large number of networks. In Belgorod cable lines comprise about 70% of the total power lines.

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