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Orelenergo cares about safety of employees


Safety, preservation of life and health of the staff is one of the priorities of IDGC of Centre. In I half 2011 IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division spent more than 19.3 million rubles for labour safety measures for the employees.

The division implements its program to improve general working conditions. In I half of this year more than 2 million rubles were spent to implement measures to prevent accidents, 16.6 billion rubles were invested in the purchase of personal protective equipment, tools and appliances, 160 thousand rubles were disbursed to improve working conditions and about 550 thousand rubles for sanitation and hygiene interventions to prevent diseases in workplaces.

Orelenergo created a system of general and safety conditions checks. Special committees monitor the implementation of safety rules by the staff and daily technical control of vehicles before leaving for work and on their return to the place of parking is performed. Regular before trip medical examinations of drivers are performed. Crews’ equipment with equipment and devices for safe work is constantly monitored. Every 5 years workplaces undergo certification against working conditions. Monthly days of labor pass, which is an effective measure for preventing occupational injuries. Regular inspections allow the staff to evaluate their work and correct any omissions.

«At special sessions with the entire staff of the division engaged in electrical work training is conducted in first aid to victims with dummy simulator, training films are watched and circumstances and causes of accidents are worked out. The whole range of activities makes it possible to keep under review the status of safety for employees, as the work of power men has a continuing risk to health and life, »- said the head of occupational health and environmental safety department of IDGC of Centre-Orelenergo division, Andrey Sharin.

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