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Over 500 employees of Kostromaenergo have been trained


Training and staff development is one of the main areas of work with personnel of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division. For vocational training and skills development of the division 1.76 million rubles were spent in I half 2011. During this time 540 people, including 174 executives, 156 specialists and 210 workers improved their skills.

Currently, nine employees of Kostromaenergo are being retrained in Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, specialty specializing in «electrification and automation of agriculture», as well as in Ivanovo State Power Engineering University in the field of «power supply» and «power systems and networks».

For I half 2011, employees of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division have had further training at Institute for Advanced Training and retraining of Ivanovo State Power University, Institute of Advanced Training of Officials (Moscow), Training Center «Energotechnika» (Penza), Training Center «Energetic» (Kirov), St. Petersburg Power Institute for Further Training, Academy of Security and Special Programs (Moscow), Kostroma regional center of safety and working conditions, Kostroma Energy College after FV Chizhov.

Kostromaenergo entered into an agreement with Energy College in 2008 with contract for the provision of educational services. For today the division has 113 college graduates.

In 2011 the division plans to invest in training of the staff about 3.24 million rubles. This will allow for year-end skills upgrade of more than 900 specialists, that is every second employee of the division.

«Every year the demands on the staff increase, as the division has a growing proportion of high-tech equipment and appliances that require special training to work with them, — said the Head of the Human Resources Department of IDGC of Centre-Kostromaenergo division, Olga Nikitina. — An educated and well-trained specialist is able to operate with competence and cost-effectively in difficult circumstances, to prevent development of a critical situation».

Maintaining a high level of the staff is a priority of the human resources policy of IDGC of Centre, which is successfully being implemented in Kostromaenergo.

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