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The title of Honored Power Person of the Russian Federation was awarded to the chief of Dubrovsky DEN of Bryanskenergo


Deputy Governor of the Bryansk region, Evgeniy Kuzavlev, handed a badge and a certificate confirming the title of Honored Power Person of the Russian Federation to the chief of Dubrovsky District Electrical Networks of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo, Valentina Chechetko.

In his message, he said that he was pleased to give the state award to the employee of Bryanskenergo first in the history of this company for high level professional excellence. And more over this mission is pleasant since the award is received by a woman, who heads the District Electrical Networks. This position in its specificity and complexity is considered to be masculine.

Valentina Chechetko has been the head of Dubrovsky RDEN for 20 years. Previously, Valentina was awarded with a diploma of RAO UES of Russia, IDGC of Centre and the Governor of the Bryansk region. Headed by her DEN is constantly marked as the best, and in 2007 it won the «The Best District Electrical Networks» of Bryanskenergo, its operation facilities are the best in the company. Crew electricians of Dubrovsky DEN are winners of the intrasystem competition on professional skills.

As noted in the award list, Valentina is attentive and demanding to her subordinates, uses social and psychological aspects of personnel management in her practice, which results in the created by her professional, friendly and stable working team. She has well-deserved reputation among her subordinates, colleagues, managers of the division and Dubrovsky DEN.

Responding to the greetings, Valentina said she believes that the high award is a merit of her team. Without a concerted effort of specialists and electricians it would not be possible to achieve the success that was the reason for awarding her with the title of Honored Power Person of the Russian Federation.

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