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Compliance with safety personnel under the constant supervision of specialists Lipetskenergo


The main topic of the regular Labour Safety Day at IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division became a test of structural units for the availability of standard documentation on the status of electrical appliances grounding; status of documentation, operational schemes. Special attention was paid to testing theoretical knowledge of the staff to know the up-to-date orders of IDGC of Centre, IDGC Holding concerning the labor safety.

In order to ensure electrical safety of people, protection of electrical installations, as well as operational modes the committee members on the Labour Safety Day examined the timeliness of the measurement of electrical resistance of earthing loops, which may be under voltage due to damage of isolation. Also, for prevention of electric injuries at work with electrical installations the committee members checked the availability of checklists in each of the 18 DENs of the division. The checklist is I a short sequence (the exact sequence) of a certain type of work in electrical installations with the use of equipment, tools and protective equipment.

Control over the status of operational schemes, guidelines on the relationship with consumers, who have their own generating sources was of importance.

«Wrong connection of autonomous sources of power poses a threat not only to secure energy supply for consumers, but also people’s lives. In the performance of works in the distribution grid the staff must take all measures to prevent the occurrence of voltage-independent sources of supply. Therefore, the connection of these sources to the network and all further action on their operation must be done strictly with the permission of the power supplying organization,»- said the head of occupational health and environmental safety of IDGC of Center -Lipetskenergo division, Victor Kalinin.

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