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The Russian Institute of Directors confirmed the corporate governance rating of IDGC of Centre at NCGR 7+


The Russian Institute of Directors (RID) confirmed the position of IDGC of Centre in the national rankings of corporate governance at the level of "7+", which corresponds to the indicator "Developed Corporate Governance Practice» on the scale of the National Corporate Governance Rating". The rating has been made based on the results of the annual independent monitoring.

Since the last confirmation of the National Corporate Governance Rating (NCGR) in August 2013 at IDGC of Centre there has been a number of corporate events. The most notable was the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on the results of 2013. During it new members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission of the Company were elected, new editions of the Articles of Association and internal documents of IDGC of Centre, the Annual Report and annual financial statements were approved. In addition, at the shareholders' meeting the auditor of the Company for 2014 was approved and dividends following the results of 2013 (25% of net profit under RAS) were declared. Thus, the Company maintains its positive dividend history, for four years declaring and paying dividends on due date to its shareholders.

In aggregate the occurred during the monitoring period changes in the corporate governance practice of IDGC of Centre did not affect the rating. The NCGR rating of IDGC of Centre remains unchanged and confirmed at the level of 7+.

Belonging to the class of "7+" indicates that IDGC of Centre is characterized by rather low risk of losses of owners related to the quality of corporate governance. The Company complies with the requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of corporate governance, the greater part of the Russian Code of Corporate Conduct and certain recommendations of the international best practices in corporate governance.

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