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IDGC of Centre exceeded the annual plan for electricity supply


IDGC of Centre summed up its operating results in 2013. During this period the company exceeded the plan by major key performance indicators. Its electricity supply to the grid was 63,646 million kWh, which is 389 million kWh (0.61%) higher than the parameters of the annual plan, productive supply – 57,814 million kWh, which is higher than the targets by 524 million kWh (0.92%). Results in 2012 on both indicators under comparable conditions (less the volume of "last mile" consumers) were exceeded by 0.21% and 0.69% respectively.

The revenue of IDGC of Centre from electricity transmission services on the results of 2013 amounted to 75.2 billion rubles, which corresponds to targets. Transmission losses were 0.26% (135 million kWh) lower than expected. A package of measures implemented for energy conservation and energy efficiency helped the company to achieve such a result. Savings from reducing losses will be used to address priority operational challenges faced by IDGC of Centre.

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