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Igor Makovskiy: The “Customer Day” has become an effective tool for interacting with consumers

15.03.2023 To build a constructive dialogue with consumers in the regions of presence of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region, the “Customer Day” has been held since the end of 2022.

In the format of a weekly face-to-face meeting, directors of branches and relevant managers personally advise all those who apply on the company’s activities, in particular those related to connection to electric grids.

So, in 2022, as part of the “Customer Day”, 874 people referred to specialists of the companies, and since the beginning of this year, 603 clients have already used this channel of interaction. At the same time, the specialists of the energy company promptly provided information and solutions to 85% of the requests, the rest are in the active stage of execution.

“Despite the ubiquity of digital technologies, the benefits of live communication cannot be underestimated. Personal involvement and attention to detail allow us to find the best solution for our clients in any, even the most unusual situation. This is a natural result of an open constructive dialogue with consumers, which we are ready to support not only with the help of a developed system of electronic services, but also in the format of personal meetings,” Igor Makovskiy emphasized.

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