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Rights for shares of each category

In accordance with Clause 6.2 of the Articles of Association of IDGC of Centre each ordinary registered share of the Company shall grant each of its holders equal volume of rights. Holders of the ordinary registered shares of the Company are entitled:

- to participate personally or by proxy in any General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company with the right to vote on all issues referring to its competence;

- propose issues to the agenda of the General Meeting in accordance with the procedure provided for by the law of the Russian Federation and the Articles of Association of the Company;

- receive information on the Company’s activity and familiarise themselves with the documents of the Company in accordance with Articles 91 of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" (hereinafter referred to as "Law"), other regulations and Articles of Association of the Company;

- receive dividends declared by the Company;

- exercise pre-emption right to acquire additional shares and equity securities issued by offering and convertible into shares in the amount proportional to the amount of ordinary shares held by them in the cases provided for by the law of the Russian Federation;

- receive part of the Company’s property in case of the Company liquidation;

- appeal against the decisions of the Company’s management, entailing civil consequences in the cases and in the manner provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- demand compensation of losses caused to the Company;

- challenge transaction of the Company on the grounds provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation and require the application of the consequences of their invalidity, as well as the application of consequences of invalidity of void transactions of the Company;

- conclude among themselves, as well as with the Company’s creditors and other third parties’ agreement on the implementation of corporate rights (shareholders’ agreement);

- exercise other rights provided for by the law of the Russian Federation and the Articles of Association including:

  • the right of a shareholder (shareholders) holding 1% of the total vote at the General Meeting and registered in the register of shareholders familiarize with the list of persons entitled to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders (Clause 4, Article 51 of the Law).
  • the right of a shareholder to require from the Company redemption of shares held by such shareholder in the circumstances specified in Clause 1, Article 75 of the Law;
  • the right of a shareholder to cease being a shareholder at any time by means of alienation of shares held by it (Articles 209, 128 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation);
  • the right to challenge in court the resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company’s Board of Directors if such resolutions violate the rights of shareholders provided by the law and the Articles of Association, cause damage to the shareholders or the joint stock company (Article 49, Article 68 of the Law);
  • the right of a shareholder to acquire shares issued after the reorganization of the companies in proportion to the amount of shares held by it, if such shareholder voted against the Company reorganization or didn’t take part in the voting on this issue (Articles 18, 19 of the Law).
  • the right of a shareholder to finance and maintain the Company’s activities at any time on the basis of an agreement with the Company to contribute to the Company’s property gratuitous deposits in cash or in another form that do not increase the authorized capital of the Company and do not change the nominal value of shares (contributions to the Company’s property).

The contract, on the basis of which the shareholder contributes to the Company’s property, shall be preliminarily approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Company.