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Athletes of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region won the competition of the Ministry of Energy among the fuel and energy companies

19 September 2021

On 18 September, in Moscow, on the territory of the Alfa-Bitsa sports club, a competition in athletics was held among 12 companies of the fuel and energy complex with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Rosseti’s team of power engineers included employees of the Nizhnovenergo, Ryazanenergo, Kirovenergo, Ivenergo, Udmurtenergo branches.

Alexander Ivanov, an engineer of the service for operation of dispatch and technological control and information technologies of the Arzamassky section of a branch of Rosseti Centre and Volga region — Nizhnovenergo, took first place among men born in 1986-2003 in the 5 km race.

Among women in the category born before 1970 at a distance of 3 km, Natalya Nikolaeva, an accountant of the 1st category of the accounting sector of the accounting and tax accounting and reporting department of a branch of Rosseti Centre and Volga region — Ryazanenergo, won. The second place for women born in 1971-1985 was taken by Natalya Zhiltsova, a leading engineer of the section of prospective development, development and issuance of technical conditions of the office of grid connection and prospective development of Ivenergo, a branch of Rosseti Centre and Volga region.

“We support our employees in striving to improve their physical education skills, constantly create the most comfortable conditions for participation in intra-corporate and inter-industry competitions. Sports events help unite, feel like a part of a team with common goals and interests. It certainly helps in our daily work, which also requires solidarity and teamwork. I sincerely congratulate our athletes on their high achievements and wish them future victories,” stressed Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region.

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